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Communicate with us directly using the form below. Alternatively, contact 320-842-3255. Never send sensitive information, such as credt card info, in an email or form.


Organic Products

Our organic alcohols are crafted from the finest organic grain using a batch fermentation process.  They are refined and purified using a proprietary distillation processing resulting in alcohol of the very highest quality. 

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Industrial Products

Glacial Grain Spirits industrial and food grade ethyl alcohol is used in a variety of applications.  Some examples are:  antiseptics, vitamins, excipients, vaccines, astringents, household cleaners, insect repellants and more.

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Custom Products

GGS ethyl alcohol conforms to the rigorous standards of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) monographs, Food Chemical Codex (FCC), American Chemical Society (ACS), and the European Pharmacopeia (EP). 

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Glacial Grain Spirits is located in Benson, MN. Our address is 270 20th St NW, Benson, MN 56215. A map of our location is available below.