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Deciding which product to use and what legal permitting you need can be a headache. At Glacial Grain Spirits, we do everything we can to be aware of and assist customers with information to obtain proper permits. However, ultimately it is your responsibility to be in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. Due to frequent changes in permitting procedures and tax information, we can’t guarantee that our information is 100% up to date. Once you have appropriate permitting, we require copies to be sent to us before your first order. Please allow 4-6 weeks to complete and receive proper permits.

Please fill out the order inquiry form to get started and inquire about pricing and volume needs.

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Wondering how to get started in the distilled spirits industry? Check out the Industry Startup Guide below for step by step instructions. The Startup Guide is for educational purposes and is not required before placing an order.

StartUp Guide

You have a permit to operate, but now what?


Federal Tax

Federal Tax

On all alcohol (ethanol) sales in the United States, the Federal Government requires and excise tax to be collected and paid to them. However, a Transfer in Bond is required for Glacial Grain Spirits to be able to sell the alcohol tax-free. The use of tax free alcohol is regulated to prevent illegal diversion to taxable beverage use. Without a Transfer in Bond, Glacial Grain Spirits will charge the current tax rate and pay that to the federal government.

Click the links below for more information and application for Transfer in Bond:

More Information   

Denatured alcohol products do not require the payment of a Federal Excise Tax.

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