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Established in 1998,Glacial Grain Spirits (GGS) manufactures industrial, food grade ethyl alcohol and beverage neutral spirits. These products are used in everything from food and beverages to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. GGS remains one of the only farmer-owned manufacturers of industrial and beverage alcohol products in the United States. Prairie Spirits, a subsidiary of Glacial Grain Spirits, manufactures our certified, organic alcohol products.

About GGS


Whatever your needs:  our GGS ethyl alcohol conforms to the rigorous standards of the American Chemical Society (ACS), Food Chemical Codex (FCC), European Pharmacopeia (EP),...


GGS Products


Our diverse system allows us to produce for you whatever your needs may be including special denatured blends as well.  In addition, Our organic alcohols are crafted from the finest organic grain...  


Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company (CVEC)


Since beginning operations in 1996, Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company has grown and diversified and counts our culture of innovation as a significant strength that has led to solid returns for member owners.



Industrial Products

Glacial Grain Spirits industrial and food grade ethyl alcohol is used in a variety of applications.  Some examples are:  antiseptics, vitamins, excipients, vaccines, astringents, household cleaners, insect repellants, hand sanitizers, mouthwash, sunscreen, personal products, cosmetics, fragrances, and adult beverages.

Organic Products

Our organic alcohols are crafted from the finest organic grain using a batch fermentation process.  They are refined and purified using a proprietary distillation processing resulting in alcohol of the very highest quality.